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Marriage for everyone

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At amodoro, we expressly welcome social and linguistic developments in the area of ​​gender equality. We are aware that as an industry participant in the weddings sector, we have a special responsibility here.

Weddings in high times

Weddings are usually (still) an event shaped by traditional patterns. We therefore think that a transformation is important and right in this area in particular. In Hanseatic terms, we say: If done correctly, weddings can become a lighthouse project for a good cause and set us on the right course. Then wedding rings will become a symbol of love among people – without limitation.

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Please be who you are.

For this reason, at amodoro we like to set accents that question the traditional image. Since 2009, we have expressly dispensed with the terms ladies’ ring and men’s ring, as we consider them to be outdated. We have ring 1, ring 2 – and if you like, you are welcome to continue this series of numbers.

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We are working on it.

As people with well-trained habits, we unfortunately do not always succeed in addressing them fairly in the way we actually want them to. This applies to both everyday language and the written word in our promotional materials or on this website. We ask for your understanding. We are always working to improve. And the result is only ever as good – as we succeed.

However, we would like to make one thing clear: We take this issue very seriously and, like so many others, we are in the middle of an important process. We are sure that we are on the right track.

We would be delighted if you would accompany us as a partner: in.