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Wedding Rings

Wedding rings, symbolize solidarity, infinity and loyalty – and have done so since ancient times. Based on this great tradition, it is important to us at amodoro to place the highest quality standards on our products so that the rings we offer are loyal companions – for a lifetime and beyond.

Customize and design yourself

Ring Designer

Each wedding ring from amodoro is unique and is made according to your special wishes. You can individually select your preferred alloy – i.e. color – but you can also determine all other criteria such as width, height and shape (e.g. round or square). Feel free to try it out in our configurator – we’ll have a lot of fun! But don’t worry: If you are a bit overwhelmed by the possibilities, real experts at amodoro will help you afterwards: Let an amodoro partner advise you on your ring configuration in a personal conversation – so that you can open are on the safe side. Design your individual wedding rings yourself with our configurator.

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Find Inspiration

Wedding Ring Gallery

Are you looking for inspiration and want to find out what options you have when designing your individual rings? Have a look here in our gallery. Here we show you models from our collections and also special configurations. From simple and inexpensive wedding rings to unusual and extravagant wedding rings, everything can be found here. This will give you a good overview of the entire world of wedding rings. A little tip: If you have found a ring that you particularly like, talk to your amodoro partner about it on site. Almost all combinations are possible!

 Wedding Ring Galery

Buy wedding rings at amodoro. That’s how it’s done:

With the ring configurator from amodoro, you can create your own wedding rings for the wedding in no time at all. There are three different ways to choose from to get to your goal.


Your starting point

Start ring designer

If you want to get started right away, you should start the ring configurator directly. Here they start with a simple gold wedding ring without diamonds, which you can customize as you like. First you have to decide whether you want single-colored or multi-colored rings, e.g. bicolor wedding rings.

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Variety of alloys

Materials and surfaces

You can then choose which material you want to use for your jewelry rings. If you want the material of your wedding rings to be silver, titanium, platinum, palladium, stainless steel, white gold or another gold alloy such as yellow gold or rose gold, you simply have to click on the relevant field. The same applies to the surfaces.

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Details that matter

Diamonds, engravings and grooves

It is just as easy to attach brilliants or diamonds with other cuts to your wedding rings and arrange them as you like. Finally, you can still place engravings on your wedding rings, whereby you have the conventional machine diamond engraving, but also the high-quality laser engraving at your disposal.

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Then make an appointment for a consultation in your area

Now you can reserve a completely non-binding consultation appointment with one of the numerous amodoro experts (wedding ring goldsmiths) in Germany, whereby you can of course send your wedding ring configuration at the same time. You can then have your exact ring measurements taken on site and go through your wedding ring configuration again with the Expert:in and discuss it in peace before you make your purchase decision. Of course, there is also the opportunity to change your mind, look at sample rings and continue to be inspired.

 Make an appointment now
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Let real experts advise you

At amodoro, all wedding rings are unique. Configure online and get offline advice from our partners throughout Germany who are real experts in your field. Regardless of whether you live in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne or in between, you will find the right contact person: always close by – that applies to all of Germany. After the configuration, these will help you to choose the right alloy – whether gold, platinum or palladium – via the right shape or any stones, surfaces and more. Should your rings be simple or extravagant? Find out together with our partners: inside – and find out about all prices in our configurator beforehand.

When you buy a wedding ring, amodoro is squaring the ring: the ideal combination of online and offline world. Find out more online in our configurator – from your sofa, from the comfort of your own home. After you have obtained detailed information about your wedding rings on our website, you can get advice from one of our experts on site. You are welcome to bring one to two hours with you – so it is best to make a fixed consultation appointment. Then enjoy the time on site – with coffee or tea, fully focused and still relaxed. It’s a special moment that should be savored. Let us then provide you with detailed information – also about what you have already seen in our configurator. Here you can also have sample rings made of real metals shown to you, which guarantee the optimal color impression for you.

It is important that the color of the material matches your skin tone. To do this, take many different rings in your hand and try them out. Which surface suits you? Should it be matt or should it be polished to a high gloss? The width is also decisive for the overall impression. This is where amodoro has the full advantage: You come already informed and with an idea, and develop it further with our experts on site. Or, you have already made up your mind and only have the ring size removed on site. In any case, personal contact gives you security before making an important decision – something that pure online portals cannot offer you. At amodoro, you are always well informed about the price and all price variants.

A little history of wedding rings


The origins


Both the ancient Egyptians and the Romans already wore wedding rings on the ring finder of their left hand. These rings symbolized infinity and permanence, not least because of their closed circular shape. It was assumed that a so-called love vein led directly from this finger to the heart. Many of these rings have been found during excavations on what was once ancient Rome, and it is believed that they were wedding rings at the time.


Development into a symbol

Middle age

The ritual meaning of wedding rings known today mainly developed in the Middle Ages. Since Pope Nicholas (around 850) wedding rings have gained their important meaning in Christianity, but at least since the 13th century wedding rings have been part of the church ritual of marriage.


How do your rings look?


Today, the wedding ring is considered a symbol of the loyalty of the person wearing it and their marital bond. The rings are presented at the wedding today and are put on alternately to signal the marriage and the marital bond. Originally only worn by women, today it has long been common for both spouses to wear such a ring – a romantic symbol of great value. What will your rings look like? Find out!

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