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Rest assured: amodoro stands for wedding rings of the highest quality. We have genuine, high-quality materials that we process with love and passion. Only in this way can we create products that are destined for eternity. We therefore choose both our production and our sales partners with great care and only rely on companies that share our quality standards.

We think: It just has to feel good.

Certified quality

Only with our partners – with certificate

You can only get our amodoro products from our contractual partners on site. The amodoro quality certificate that you receive with your rings guarantees you the authenticity and quality. All important features are certified using a unique identification number: the precious metals used, the correctness of the specified precious metal fineness (further information), the dimensions and profile of the ring, the carat weight, color and clarity of the diamonds (further information), the exclusive production in Germany. You can also recognize our rings by the stamped amodoro logo (two heart-shaped rings) on the inside of each ring.

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It is particularly important to us that you, our customer, are satisfied. For this reason, we at amodoro rely on the highest quality standards – everywhere: from the production materials to the final inspection, everything has to fit!


High-quality materials

For our ring production, our partners only use high-quality precious metal alloys, consisting of carefully selected components that not only shine with a beautiful shine, but are also particularly hard and durable. So that your rings last a lifetime! Close, long-standing and trusting relationships with our partners are the cornerstone of our consistently high quality.

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When selecting our production partners, we deliberately rely on local proximity, which makes all production steps verifiable at any time: Our partners work with modern precision machines and work from solid material. All raw materials are first compacted and then turned on lathes – this is how they achieve the best possible strength and durability. Every single piece of jewelery should inspire its wearer for a lifetime. That is our claim, which we guarantee to you.

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On our own behalf

Since 2009, we have relied exclusively on recycled gold and thus completely on a raw material that has been in circulation for many generations. Although we love gold as a material, we no longer want to create new incentives for conventional, resource-intensive gold mining, as it massively harms our environment and local people.

We also set the same high standards for gemstones: We only use diamonds from suppliers who are RJC certified.

If you are interested, you can find out more about the RJC here: