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Platinum is a particularly precious and durable precious metal that is ideal for wedding rings. Since 2022, in cooperation with our production partner, HCF Merkle GmbH, we also have one of the whitest platinum alloys with one of the highest precious metal contents in our range: PlatinumGold.


Platinum is rarer than gold; if the entire amount of platinum ever mined were poured into a cube, this cube would have an edge length of only 9 meters and would thus roughly correspond to the size of a three-story apartment building.

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Sustainable gloss and color

Platinum shines and retains its appearance over time, unlike silver, for example, which reacts with its environment and can tarnish. The platinum alloys available at Amodoro are hypoallergenic, especially the 950 platinum and PlatinumGold is ideal for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Another advantage of platinum is that it does not need to be plated (e.g., rhodium plated) to achieve a particularly white, chrome color like some white gold alloys, but rather naturally exhibits this color. Even after years of wear, platinum shows signs of wear, but the material does not wear off and retains its positive properties.

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High weight and value retention

Platinum has a very high density, a 500g bar of platinum has the dimensions of a matchbox. The rarity and the high specific weight (21.45g / cm³) but also the demanding processing have led to the fact that platinum jewelry in the past has always been priced significantly above gold jewelry. Due to the price increases of gold in recent years, wedding rings made of platinum are now also an attractive alternative to wedding rings made of white gold and have long ceased to be an insider tip.

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Three platinum alloys to choose from at amodoro

In order to offer the right alloy for every bride and groom, Amodoro has three different platinum alloys to choose from:

PlatinGold Pina Cala Bona


Is by far the most precious of the platinum alloys and has a total precious metal content of 97.5%; in addition to platinum, it contains both gold and the precious metal ruthenium. This alloy combines all the advantages of the platinum alloys and is even higher quality due to the addition of other precious metals. The color of PlatinumGold corresponds to the classification “Grade 1 – Premium White”. The alloy available from Amodoro is patented.

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950 Platinum

The 950 platinum available from Amodoro contains 95% platinum and the alloy component tungsten, which ensures special durability and toughness. Although this alloy is very demanding in processing, it rewards its wearers with particularly long durability.

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600 Platinum

This alloy offers an attractive price-performance ratio. In addition to 60% platinum, it also contains 2% gold and 1.5% of the precious metal palladium and thus, with 63.5% precious metal content, already has a higher precious metal content than the usual 14kt gold alloys, which contain 58.5% of the precious metal gold.

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