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Origin of Gemstones

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What applies to gold also applies to our gemstones: Our production partners do not use gemstones from questionable or unknown sources, but only clearly marked gemstones with exact indications of origin. We attach particular importance to this: at amodoro there are no blood diamonds.


Our production partners are guided by the transparency principles prescribed by the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC) and pay attention to their certification when selecting all suppliers. These transparency principles go beyond the rules of the Kimberly Process ratified in the EU.

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RJC certification

Suppliers who are RJC certified must follow very precise rules in all areas of the company, which are regularly checked by an accredited institute. In addition to strict compliance with supervisory and statutory regulations, this includes, above all, respect for human and employee rights. Accordingly, this process prohibits the buying or selling of blood diamonds, diamonds from questionable or unknown sources, and diamonds from certain countries and regions.

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