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Fairtrade Gold

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Since 2016, our production partner, HCF Merkle GmbH, has been using its many years of experience and loving craftsmanship together with state-of-the-art technology to further sharpen awareness of the fair handling of gold in our world today and in the future. Diese Botschaft geben wir bei amodoro gerne direkt weiter – denn auch wir finden, dass, falls es wirklich “neues” Gold sein muss, dieses unbedingt unter dem Fairtrade-Siegel gewonnen werden muss.

Fairtrade certification

With its Fairtrade Gold certification in 2016 (FLO-ID: 35016), our partner, HCF Merkle GmbH, took an important step as one of the first ring manufacturers in Germany. Since then, together we have been offering the direct opportunity to promote small-scale gold mining and thus enable miners and their families to lead a good life.

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The term Fairtrade gold refers to the fine gold content in a piece of jewellery. With a 585 yellow gold alloy, for example, this corresponds to the 58.5% fine gold content. Other metals required for the alloy (silver, copper, etc.) are not Fairtrade certified. However, these are sourced from RJC-certified suppliers by our manufacturing partners.

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Is “regular gold” worse?

No, not if it is purchased from us: Our production partners only use recycled gold, of which we are sure of the origin, and which was obtained from the cycle according to certified standards. Read more about our recycling gold philosophy here. However, when you buy Fairtrade gold, you are actively and directly supporting local miners and their communities.

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