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Engagement Rings

From a rational point of view, it is like this: engagement rings symbolize the promise to enter into marriage with a person. But we see it a little more romantic. Show your wholeheartedly loved one that you want to spend your entire life by their side. Make this moment a very special one – with an engagement ring from amodoro. Here you will find our selection for the most important question in life. Difficult to say no to that!

For the most important question in life

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Our selection of engagement rings – from very classic with a central stone to playful with stones on the ring band. Find your perfect engagement ring in our shop now. There you also have the opportunity to personalize your ring even further, for example you can choose the color or adjust the stone size and quality.

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Rings with side stone settings

A side stone setting made of additional diamonds gives an engagement ring additional shine and makes the ring a very special eye-catcher, a special feature that will last a lifetime. At amodoro, we have based ourselves on classic models that have accompanied one generation after the other for over 100 years.

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Engagement Ring Gallery

Would you like to find out what different types of engagement rings there are? We’re happy to help! Take a look at the most popular engagement ring models here in our gallery and let yourself be enchanted!

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Our color world

All of our engagement rings are available in the alloys white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, rose gold and platinum. The classic color for engagement rings is white – but other colors like yellow also play a role. Our rose gold is also a little more unusual, but very modern.


White Gold & Platinum

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Yellow gold

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Red gold

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Our diamond cuts

Brillant 2

Brilliant cut

The brilliant cut, known worldwide, consists of at least 57 facets and is characterized by the highest level of brilliance. Hardly any other cut has such a great ability to reflect and refract light.

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princess cut 2

Princess Cut

With its numerous triangular facets, this cut is characterized by a special fire and sparkle. Its square shape makes it look modern and timeless at the same time.

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emerald cut 2

Emerald Cut

Like the brilliant and princess cuts, the emerald cut has 57 facets. However, here the parallel facets emphasize the color and clarity of the diamond.

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Our stone settings

4er krappen

4 prong settings

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6er krappen

6 prong settings

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Tension ring

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Special Engagement Rings

Our collection also includes special models, such as tension rings. With these, the stone is not set in a setting above the actual ring band, but clamped in the ring. This can be done along the direction of the ring as well as across it, creating a very special look. Feel free to take a look at our shop!

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