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Determine the Ring Size

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Are you looking for a ring for yourself or someone you love and want to give as a gift? This works best if the ring also fits perfectly. Wedding rings in particular, which you want to enjoy for the rest of your life, must be the perfect ring size in order to be comfortable to wear.

We will show you here how you can use simple means to determine the ring size yourself for an initial configuration and price information for your desired ring. However, since the ring size can vary quite a bit depending on the ring shape and ring width, expert advice is essential for a perfect ring size determination. Our partners will be happy to help you, find a partner near you now.

What factors affect ring size?

There are a number of factors that play an important role when measuring the ring size, e.g. the inner curve (crowning) of the ring, the temperature when determining the ring size, blood circulation in the fingers after exertion, pregnancy – to name just a few.

There are a number of factors that play an important role when measuring the ring size, e.g. the inner curve (crowning) of the ring, the temperature when determining the ring size, blood circulation in the fingers after exertion, pregnancy – to name just a few.

Des Weiteren ist eine Ringgröße auch immer sehr subjektiv. Einige haben den Ring gerne enger am Finger, wohingegen aFurthermore, a ring size is always very subjective. Some like to have the ring tighter on their finger, while others like to wear their rings a little looser. So you shouldn’t get too worked up about finding the right ring size, it’s always a process to determine the right ring size for the ring you want. For these reasons, we can only once again urgently point out that expert advice is essential – preferably from our partners in your area.

What preparations make sense before measuring the ring size?

First you need to decide which finger you want to wear the ring on. It is also important whether you are left- or right-handed, because your fingers are slightly larger or smaller on each hand. Please keep this in mind when determining your ring size.

Our fingers have different thicknesses depending on the type of stress (e.g. sport) or depending on the amount of liquid we have consumed. Heat or water retention from certain foods, medications, or inflammation can also cause your fingers to swell, while cold weather can shrink them somewhat. When measuring your size, your fingers should be in normal-usual condition. It is also more advantageous to measure in the evening, since the fingers are then often a little thicker than in the morning.

Methods for determining ring size using home remedies

To determine your ring size approximately, you can proceed as follows with home remedies:

1) Measure ring size on existing ring

For this method of ring size determination, you need a well-fitting ring from the person who is later to wear the ring. It would be ideal if the ring to be measured had the same shape as the selected ring. If you have a suitable ring, e.g. a jewelery ring, you can use this to determine the approximate ring size. To do this, simply measure the inner diameter of the ring with the help of a caliper or a standard set square and write it down in mm:

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Determine ring size via inner diameter

Ring sizes are reported differently internationally depending on the region. In Germany, the ring size is given in mm of the inner circumference. According to the circular formula, the circumference can be determined from the measured inner diameter of the ring as follows: Circumference = inner diameter * π (approx. 3.14)

For example, if you measure an inner diameter of 14.6 mm, this would be a ring size of 45.84, which can be rounded up to a ring size of 46.

It is also possible to run a rolled up piece of paper along the inside of the ring band and measure its length to determine the ring size. Example: 55mm length of the paper strip = ring size 55. For a simple, first estimate of the ring size / ring width with home remedies, you will find brief instructions for determining the ring size and a table of the most common ring sizes as a PDF here.

If you have a suitable ring, you are more than welcome to take it with you directly to our amodoro partners for advice. Our partners can then use a ring stick, among other things, to determine the ring size of the piece of jewelry:

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Measuring the ring size with a ring stick

2) Measure ring size with thread or ring sizer, multisizer or ring gauge

To measure the ring size with a thread, simply wrap it tightly around the part of the finger where the ring will later sit. Please make sure that the thread fits over the knuckle, because for some people the knuckle is thicker than the place where the ring is supposed to sit later. Then tie a knot in the thread and cut the ends of the thread as close to the knot as possible. You can then simply hold the piece of string against a ruler and determine the ring size. A length of about 6.2cm (62mm) is an approximate ring size of 62. This value is enough as a first indication to then go into more detail.

You can also determine your approximate ring size using a “ring sizer” or a “ring game”:

image 2
Ringmaß / Ringspiel

There are also various templates on the Internet that you can print out to determine the approximate ring size using these templates. The biggest disadvantage of all these methods is, above all, that the ring shape, which has a decisive influence on the wearing comfort, cannot be properly done with these means. Ultimately, this is what a real ring is most likely to do, which leads us to our last type of ring size measurement.

3) Measure ring size with a ring sizer

The most professional way to determine ring size is with the help of a ring sizing kit. A ring size set consists of different rings, preferably in different widths and shapes (cambering), with which the ideal size for your desired ring can be determined by trying them out:

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Crucial to comfort – we recommend professional advice

Nothing is worn as long as your wedding or engagement ring. Choosing the right rings is therefore associated with many emotions. You should take the time to do this. Also for the choice of the ring size.

There will certainly be a few more questions that – just like a professional ring size measurement with a ring sizing set – will best find their place in a professional consultation. Our partners will help you with your choice honestly and in an advisory capacity with their experience and passion.

Our goal at amodoro is to inspire you and give you decades of satisfaction! Here you can find our amodoro locations near you.