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Choosing the right wedding rings or even the right engagement ring can be overwhelming once you start thinking about it. The possibilities are great, the range is diverse and the terminology is special – here we give an overview of the most important topics that you deal with when buying a wedding ring. Let yourself be inspired. If you have any questions, our amodoro partners will be happy to help and advise you at any time.

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Comfort is key

Ring Size

How is the ring size determined and what should be considered with the different ring shapes? What are the different units of measurement? Some of the questions we answer in this section.


The special sparkle


What are the quality differences in gemstones? What is the difference between the different cut types and what are the options? The world of precious stones also offers many design options, which we will show you here.

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The right one for every skin type

Metal Colors/ Alloys

The color of the rings gives you one of their most characteristic appearances. Whether in the classic yellow or white gold, or in a warm shade of red. Our alloys offer you a wide range of colors, which we will explain to you in this area.

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Each profile has its advantages

Ring Shapes

The shape of the ring, also known as the ring profile, is, in addition to the color, very important for the optical effect of the ring and also for the wearing comfort. Each of the forms we offer has its own character – here we bring you this design form of wedding rings.

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From classic to special

Ring Surfaces

The surface gives the rings their final appearance. Whether polished in a classic way or provided with fascinating structures and surface patterns – this gives your rings a very special look. Find out more about your options here.

Ehering Ratgeber Gravuren

Your personal touch


The usually final, but often crucial personal touch is given by the options of engraving. Whether outside or inside, a font, your fingerprint or even an ECG, there are almost no limits to your imagination. Here we show you the possibilities for ring engravings.

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Unique color schemes

Multicolored Rings

A special form of design are multicolored rings. Here, different alloy colors are combined with each other, either next to each other or even in each other. The result is impressive color contrasts or harmonious color gradients. Here we show you the possibilities of multicolored wedding rings.