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7 reasons why we are exactly right for you

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1 – It is our vocation

At amodoro you will find empathetic and loving people with a sense of style who really love to take you into the world of wedding rings with all their heart. Let yourself be won over by the passion and enthusiasm that our partners feel for their wedding rings.

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2 – Transparency and sustainability

We use a modern product configurator for visualization and price calculation. This is available to you online at any time and without obligation. Our inexpensive precious metal prices are updated daily. The origin of our raw materials as well as the production are a matter close to our hearts. We offer you the option of having the fine gold portion of your rings made directly from certified Fairtrade gold. In this way you make an active contribution to promoting small-scale gold mining and thus enabling miner families to lead a good life.

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3 – We know and love what we do

Almost all of us are trained in the goldsmith’s trade or have similar years of experience. We can make almost any piece of jewelry ourselves and of course give much more holistic advice.

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4 – We take our time for you

The wedding dress or wedding suit may only be worn once, but the wedding rings are best worn for a lifetime. Good advice on this decision is essential and lasts exactly until you are sure that we have designed your wedding rings. For us it goes without saying. This is about you – not us.

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5 – (Almost) everything is possible

We have real rings in all variations on site and yet we do not sell collection rings or stock items. Each ring is specially made to measure for you and is unique. That’s why we can fulfill almost every wish.

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6 – Of course we are always there for you

Many wedding rings have had their width changed over the years. That’s what we’re here for, too, and we can do most of it ourselves. Your ring does not have to be sent or completely remade, as is the case with many jewelers and system providers. We also usually do the processing of your love symbols immediately and directly on site.

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7 – last but not least: With special energy

Real goldsmiths are considered lucky charms in many cultures. It is said that they have the ability to store a special power and energy in the jewelry. Let yourself be enchanted!