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Multi-colored Wedding Rings

Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe hauptbild 2 scaled

Multi-colored rings are becoming increasingly popular and are very diverse. Try to find your own color combination or change our collection models according to your wishes. Adjust the finish, add brilliants, add a gloss line or groove. All options are open to you with our configurator. On this page we give you some background information about multicolored rings, how they are made, what different types of multicolored rings there are – as well as inspiration on what is possible with this design.

How are multicolored rings made?

To produce multicolored wedding rings, the different colored materials or alloys are brought together using the diffusion welding technique, known as “sintering”. The desired materials are bonded together under high pressure and heat, resulting in wonderfully colourful, multicolored rings. Basically, you can connect almost all materials with each other, except stainless steel and titanium. 585 & 750 alloys in all precious metals as well as 600 & 950 platinum are particularly popular. Please note that the gold alloys with a grade of 333 are not suitable for multicolored rings, as they quickly lead to signs of wear and color changes. On the following pages we will show you some models for inspiration and go into more detail about the different types of multicolored rings.

Disc Solder Rings / Vertical Division

Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe Scheibnringe scaled

A disk soldering ring consists of at least 2 individual, vertically divided “ring disks” that are joined (sintered). With a disc soldering ring, you can combine up to 7 discs and determine the width of the individual discs yourself. The individual disks do not have to be straight, but can be wavy (we also speak of wavy rings) or divided diagonally. Glossy grooves or grooves are often added to the color border in order to emphasize the color differences even more. The difference can also be emphasized by different surfaces, e.g. if one ring disk (usually the narrow one) is polished and the wider ring disk is matted. If you have more than 5 different ring discs, you even get a very special color gradient through a transverse matting of the surface. You can also have diamonds set, whether on the color border or on a specific color division.

You are welcome to try it out using our ring designer or be inspired by our collection models:

Disc rings with color gradient

Casoli & Ponte Torto

Disk soldering ring with a color gradient, consisting of the combination of the alloys 585 red, 585 apricot and 750 rosé. On the outside, both rings have a step in the form of 0.6 mm on the rose gold side. One ring also has a brilliant 0.025 ct rubbed in the middle. The surface structure is created by a diamond matt finish.

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Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe Casoli Ponte Torto

Disc rings in red and white

Grabow & Zeitz

This disc soldering ring consists of three individual ring rails, e.g. white gold + red gold + white gold. The outer discs are slightly wider than the middle one and a brilliant is set in red gold.

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Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe Grabow Zeitz

Wavy rings in yellow and white

Blankenburg & Thale

This model consists of 2 discs e.g. yellow gold + white gold. The diamond is set on the color border, in the middle of the ring band, which runs in a sophisticated wave of 6. This model is also available with 4, 3 or 2 shafts. If you only want a wave, these wedding rings are also called diagonally divided. You are free to choose the alloys and surface.

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Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe Blankenburg Thale

Wave rings in red and white

Herford & Melle

These disc soldering rings also consist of 2 discs, e.g. red gold + palladium. The brilliant is set on the wave of palladium. The color division is emphasized by a groove on the color border. Here, too, you can choose the alloy and surface freely.

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Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe Herford Melle

Yellow and white disc rings

Lübben & Röbel

These noble disc soldering rings have a clear, straight line, e.g. due to the combination of yellow gold and white gold. The discs are the same width, the brilliant is set exactly on the color border and the surface is matted.

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Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe Lübben Röbel

Segment soldering rings / horizontal division

Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe segmentringe scaled

In addition to a vertical division of the ring rail, it can also be divided horizontally into several parts, so-called segments. This type of multicolored rings is then called segment rings.

A segment ring is divided into at least 2 alloys, one segment is e.g. yellow gold and the other segment is white gold. It consists of dividing up to 4 different alloys into segments in order to obtain a multicolor look. You can determine what is to be combined and how. Be inspired or try out your own creation directly in our ring designer:

Segment ring in red, yellow and white

Le-Mans & Reims

These gorgeous wedding bands are sure to draw attention. The individual alloys are evenly distributed here, one third each yellow gold, red gold and white gold. However, you can expand the individual segments or divide them differently. One ring is also set with a gemstone on one of the color borders.

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Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe Le Mans Reims

Segment ring in yellow and white

Monroe & Tampa

In this model, the segments are divided exactly half into yellow gold and half into white gold. Here, too, the brilliant is set on the color border, you are also welcome to receive the stone in the middle of the yellow gold or white gold segment.

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Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe Monroe Tampa

Solder plug-in rings / axial division

Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe axialringe scaled

With a soldering ring, as the name suggests, two rings are stuck into each other. This means that the ring is divided axially into two different colors and the inside has a different alloy/color than the outside. With this type of multicolored wedding rings, however, only two different alloys are possible. The distribution of these rings is often chosen so that the person you love has exactly the opposite color distribution. As a further contrast element, the inside is often polished and the outside matted, so the second alloy is slightly visible on the bevel (side edge). Find your desired combination with our configurator or be inspired by our collection models:

Platinum and Dawnrose

Levane & Maranello

A ring model that lives from its opposing contrasts. A ring in warm 750 Dawnrose on the outside and a princess rubbed in the middle (0.06ct TW,vsi), inside in 950 platinum. The other outside in 950 platinum, inside in 750 Downrose. both surfaces in spongy matt.

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Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe Levane Maranello

Yellow gold and white gold

Rheine & Lahr

One ring in white gold on the inside and yellow gold on the outside, the other the other way around. The surfaces are also deliberately chosen in such a way that the color contrast is further underlined: brushed matt on the outside, polished on the inside.

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Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe Rheine Lahr

Red gold and white gold

Kiew & Ermelo

Similar to the Rheine and Lahr model, but with slightly warmer colours. One ring in pink gold on the inside and white gold on the outside, the other exactly opposite. The surfaces of this ring have also been deliberately chosen in such a way that the color contrast is further emphasized: brushed matt on the outside, polished on the inside.

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Ehering Ratgeber Mehrfarbige Ringe Kiew Ermelo

Multicolored Wedding Rings – The experience of our partners makes the difference

When designing multicolored wedding rings, the possibilities are very diverse. The right selection of the profile, the color combinations and also the ring dimensions create truly unique pieces that will delight you every day. Little details can make a big difference with this type of wedding ring, so we always recommend consulting an expert.

If you are interested in multicolored rings, amodoro is the right place for you. Our partners are masters of their trade and will support you with advice and action even with this demanding form of design. You can find an amodoro wedding ring expert near you here.