Ring Engraving Types und Ring Engraving App

Ehering Ratgeber Gravuren hauotbild 2 scaled

The engraving completes your wedding rings and makes them unique. We offer the following two methods by which the rings can be engraved:

Diamond Engraving (Machine Engraving)

In classic diamond engraving, also known as machine engraving, the selected text is transferred to the inside of the ring with a fine diamond pen and the engraving is precisely engraved on the inside of the ring. This “traditional” engraving technique, in which the engraving text is “scratched” into the precious metal with a diamond, does not go as deep into the material as laser engraving:

Beispiel Gravur Konfigurator
Left: Example of laser engraving – Right: Example of machine engraving

Classic, machine diamond engravings are still very popular and the best way to make energy-saving, environmentally friendly and sustainable engravings. With this type, you can choose between different fonts and symbols, but you cannot implement complex graphics.

We offer you our three most popular fonts in the configurator as standard: cursive, block letters or BLOCK LETTERS. If you would like a more unusual font, this is also possible – our amodoro partners will be happy to help you and show you which fonts are still available in this traditional type of engraving.

amodoro Ehering Ratgeber Gravuren Diamantgravur Druckschrift

Example of diamond engraving in block letters

amodoro Ehering Ratgeber Gravuren Diamantgravur Schreibschrift

Example of a diamond engraving in cursive

amodoro Ehering Ratgeber Gravuren Diamantgravur BLOCKSCHRIFT

Example of diamond engraving in BLOCK LETTERS

Laser Engraving

Laser engravings are particularly durable. In laser engraving, the graphic or text to be engraved is burned out of the material using a high-precision laser. A precise laser beam selectively burns the material, creating a deep and legible engraving on the inside or outside of the ring. The engraving is set deep in the ring so that the engraving remains clearly visible even after it has been worn for a long time.

With the help of our modern engraving lasers, we can realize almost any type of engraving. Almost all available PC fonts are possible with laser engraving, so you have almost endless design possibilities. In our configurator you can choose between our seven most popular fonts. However, if the font you want isn’t there, that’s no problem! Get in touch with our partners, together we will definitely find a way to realize your desired engraving.

Names and dates are often engraved, separated by a symbol such as a heart or double heart, an infinity sign, double rings or an anchor. Rings can be designed individually. We engrave script, your handwriting or your own personal logo – there are almost no limits to your creativity.

Immortalize yourself on your ring and make your rings unique!

Laser Engraving – Inside

With the inside engraving, the desired text is burned into the inside of the ring. The engraving can be placed one behind the other with normal space spacing or orbitally distributed around the ring.

amodoro Lasergravur Verteilung
Back: Example of a normally distributed laser engraving – Front: Example of an orbitally distributed laser engraving

Laser Engraving – Outside

Various symbols, whether with or without text, come into their own in an external engraving. The most common symbols are stored with us and are available at any time. You are welcome to send us your own symbol – after digital processing, we can engrave your desired symbol.

In addition to the individual design of individual rings, external engravings, which are distributed over both rings, are also becoming increasingly popular. A form of design that underlines the togetherness of the bridal couple, is distributed over both rings and only together, as in love, results in a whole.

St Wendel Homburg
Example of handwriting laser engraving outside.

Handwriting Engraving (Facsimile)

An engraving of your handwriting or a drawing or a symbol is also called a facsimile. In order to create an engraving based on your template, we always need your templates in the original, written on white paper (without lines) and with a black pen or marker. You don’t have to pay attention to the size, because we can digitally prepare your template so that your rings can be engraved.

Now new: For the exact design of your handwritten engravings, you can easily load them into your ring configuration with the help of our engraving app, complete them there and then send them to us digitally. Our amodoro partners will be happy to help you with the design, you can find a location near you here.

amodoro Lasergravur Individualgravur Handschrift
Left: example of a laser engraving of a fingerprint.

Fingerprint Engraving

A very special engraving: your fingerprint on the inside or outside of the ring. In order for the engraving to come into its own, your ring should be at least 5.0 mm wide. To create a fingerprint engraving, we need an original ink print, we recommend a selection of ink prints so that we can engrave them after digital processing.

Now new: For precise design, you can use our engraving app to easily load your fingerprint into your ring configuration, complete it there and then send it to us digitally. Our amodoro partners will be happy to help you with the design, you can find a location near you here.

Beispiel Fingerabdruck individual Konfigurator 1
Left: example of a laser engraving of a fingerprint.

What are the most common engravings and engraving texts?

Basically, most engravings consist of names and wedding date in all common computer fonts, on the inside, outside or on the side of the ring, also called the bevel.

Engravings based on individual templates, also known as facsimiles, are also very popular. With this particularly individual design of the wedding rings, texts in handwriting or fingerprints are particularly in demand. Did you fall in love in a certain place? Immortalize it on your rings, whether it’s coordinates or the Eiffel Tower, you’re welcome to combine an inside and outside engraving.

The templates for your handwriting, symbols, a heartbeat, your fingerprint and much more come from you in the original, we take over the digital processing in coordination with our local partners, so that your engraving is produced exactly according to your ideas.

New: For a precise design, you can use our engraving app to easily load your engraving into your ring configuration and complete it there.

Our Engraving App – Let your creativity run free

Individual engraving: fingerprints, drawings, ECGs and much more. – Your creativity knows no limits. With the help of our engraving app, you can make your wedding rings even more special with your individual engravings (fingerprints, sound waves, image conversions, freehand drawings and much more).

It’s that easy:

1. Open individual engraving in the configurator & download the app

Click on “Open individual engraving”, follow the short instructions and download the app to your smartphone.

Beispiel Gravur individual Konfigurator

2. Create the desired engraving in the app

In the app you can create a fingerprint, an image, an audio file or a drawing and convert it into an engraving:

Ehering Ratgeber Gravuren app4 scaled

1. Choose design type

Ehering Ratgeber Gravuren app3 scaled

2. Design and convert engraving

Ehering Ratgeber Gravuren app1 scaled

3. Send engraving to configurator

3. Connect configuration and app content via QR code

When you are finished with the design, connect the app and the configurator via QR code and you will see the created content in the web interface:

Platzierung Individualgravur
Example of a handwriting engraving.

4. Place and view directly in the 3D view

As a last step, place and scale your desired engraving directly in the configurator and you will see your engraving in the 3D graphic:

amodoro Lasergravur Individualgravur Handschrift
Example of a handwriting engraving.

Individual design – our partners are there for you!

The technical possibilities are huge and there are almost no limits to your creativity, but there are a few subtleties to consider so that the engraving corresponds to your wishes. For the perfect engraving, we therefore always recommend an individual consultation. Our wedding ring experts in your area will be happy to help you. You can find a location near you here.